Colbey & Mitch. Engaged.

So as you can see when looking through my blog I don’t typically blog engagements, something I hope to change, just waiting for the few more hours in a day to be a thing.

This engagement is close to my heart, not only because the bride to be is one of my favourite cousins, but I also traveled to Jasper National Park to capture it!

Colbey has always been one of those friends who know matter how far apart we lived and how separate our lives were, when we got together it always seemed like no time had passed. She is one of the strongest and bravest women I know and has such a compassion for people and animals. Ive only met mitchell, the groom to be, a couple of times but i know two things to be true, when Colbey talks about him you can see hearts in her eyes and when he looks at her, you see those same hearts. Knowing those two things is plenty for me!

We got up before any human should to start our drive from Edmonton to jasper for our day of adventure, and that it was. We planned on heading to their ceremony space, reception spot and planned on heading up a mountain to take in the views. Unfortunately mother nature and wild fires had a plan that we didn’t anticipate.

We started on a great dock with pyramid mountain staring us in the face, couldn’t have been more perfect. The wind picked up and the smoke began to roll in, didn’t stop us as we continued to the ceremony island to check it out, we stopped at lake Patricia where the mountain had completely disappeared. Lunch at Jasper & Co brewing company, which did not disappoint after which we planed to head to the mountain top, but between foot cramps & the take over of smoke we decided not too.

We changed our plans, we had wanted a “go with the flow adventure” and thats exactly what we got! We headed to maline lake taking in the incredible smoke sky, embraced a wind and rain storm, took cover in a boat house and truly had the most epic time!

Through out the day I attempted some very short, very spontaneous video clips in hopes I could throw a cute little video together of the day! Click the link below the images! Show some love with likes & comments!!




Chris & Katie – Married in Mexico

This past April I travelled to Mexico for Chris and Katie’s big day! They took a small group of Amazing people and tied the knot on one of the most gorgeous spots on the (massive) resort. (Bahia Principe Coba)

For this trip I travelled solo but quickly became a part of the group, we soaked up the sun, laughed, swam and celebrated this wonderful couple!

Bringing a photographer with you on a destination wedding certainly has its benefits, spending the big day & week with these two was such a pleasure! The beach the day of their wedding was empty… no chairs, no umbrellas, no people. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! As you can see in the images its just them and the beach. An intimate dinner together & a fun since party to follow this wedding was everything they hoped for and more!








Kayla & Brad 02.25.17

Kayla & Brad’s big day, oh where shall I begin.

Ive known kayla for a long time, her sister and maid of honour has been a long time friend of mine, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was more than honoured.

Its always a great feeling heading to a wedding knowing the bride and groom on a more personal level, its always special knowing you are more than just their photographer but a friend as well.

The wedding Day was far more eventful than anyone had planned.

When I arrived to the Manor on February 25th the weather outside was beautiful it was like a spring day, not even any snow on the ground. The lovely wedding coordinator informed me that unfortunately there was no power in the building due to an accident involving a transformer but the bride already knew, I had arrived early to shoot her details.  Hydro one had informed the venue that power would be restored by 10am. So No problem, kayla already had her hair done when she arrived and the makeup artist used the natural window light to do her makeup. Kayla was the most relaxed bride, wasn’t worried at all. Of course 10am came and went and power had not been restored. They told Kayla that because she was having a 1 o’clock ceremony there would be enough natural light to continue with the ceremony at the Manor, so with a phone call to the groom (to tell him what was going on) they confirmed that they would have the ceremony in the original location and move the reception to the Bellagio in Vaughn. This has NEVER happened to me at a wedding, thankfully, having the most relaxed bride helped to keep me calm as well.

They arranged for the bus to relocate all of the guests to the new venue while we did all of the photos at the manor. Seriously the Manor by Peter & Pauls is one of my favourite venue to photograph couples at, its romantic and there is so much to offer.

Entrances, speeches and dances were all perfect at the new venue and the party got started…. and then the fire alarm went off- So all of the guests were evacuated to the parking lot. YUP that actually happened. It was a day full of surprises but couldn’t have happened to a more relaxed couple.

Big shout out to Kristin Peereboom Photography who assisted me on this wonderful day! She captured some wonderful candids and of course hung out with the groom and his men that morning! Thank you so much Kristin it was a pleasure to work with you!

Last year I started handing out blog questionnaires to all of my 2017 couples because I found that my blogs were becoming the same, I wanted to allow the couples to share their story to go along with the wedding day images!

So here is Kayla & Brad’s love story, or at least the beginning of it.

Brad and I met in Thunder Bay Ontario when we were there for school. We lived in the same building in residence and after becoming friends found out we grew up close together and knew many of the same people. We started dating after returning home for the summer- Brad was kind enough to bring my snowboard home, the one thing I didn’t manage to pack in my Kia Rio! We made it official in a coffee shop in May 2012 and the following school year Brad went back to Thunder Bay while I stayed back home to finish up my current program. The following year we both went back up to Thunder Bay – him to finish his degree and me to start a new one. I think it was at this point we both knew 100 % we would end up married. We had a terrible apartment that we were constantly fighting our landlords to fix. Some of the more major issues with it were a bathroom ceiling that would gush water out from the apartment above us every other week, and a crack in our bedroom window (keep in mind Thunder Bay winters are really cold!). We eventually moved all our stuff into our living room and camped there after serving our landlords papers. They finally fixed everything, after over 3 months of us constantly contacting them. It made us realize that no matter what the world threw at us we could get through it together.  He proposed after returning from a work trip – surprising me by making it back earlier than expected. I didn’t drop hints as much as tell him that I wanted to get married, but he strategically waited until I was done school as to not overwhelm me – he knows me too well. Our favourite memory from the wedding day would be hard to choose! I think probably our candlelight ceremony – which was not planned 🙂



Jon & Ashley Mexico 11.21.16

It took almost a year but we finally made it down to sunny Mexico with the bride and groom in tow. This Mexico destination wedding which was postponed in early January was long overdue and I was so happy to be flying down to celebrate along with family, friends and one excited couple! Im not going to get into details but health concerns were the reason the wedding was a tad behind schedule but pushing the date and being able to have a healthy couple marry on the beach was worth the wait.

I love destination weddings mostly because of the intimacy, you are there with the couple to celebrate a week of love. The morning of the wedding I went to hang out with Jon & Ash in their HUGE suite ( check out Azul fives, Mayan Riviera for more about this glorious hotel)  In bed the two of them sipped mimosa’s, opened gifts they had for one another & toasted the day ahead. Traditions say that you shouldn’t see your significant other on the big day until the aisle…. UMMMMM NO. I think when you start your day off with mimosa’s, gifts and love you’re in for one glorious marriage, plus after the gifts we hit the beach to relax before getting all glammed up for the big I do’s.

The rest of the day went perfectly it was filled with love, tears and smiles all around. We waited a while to finally hear this couple say I do and when they did it was PERFECT>


Congratulations to one of my favourite couples, cheers to love, laughter and of course, happily ever after!



B&N 10/15/16

Brittany & Nick were such a pleasure to photograph, very laid back and fun couple,the two together are so sweet. They got married at the church & then we headed to chicopee tube park in kitchener for the reception. It was a perfect fall day with a beautiful sunset to top of a perfect day! here are just a few of my favs from the day!


10/01/16 Erin & Cameron

Erin & Cameron Got married on the 1st of October. It was a bit rainy but no amount of rain could wipe the smiles off their faces. These two are just so in love, you can see it on their faces when they look at each other.

I spent the day at the beautiful Summer lea Golf Course in Port Perry working along side ReelLoveStory films, which was a pleasure! Future brides if your looking for a great video team these guys are the ones!

Melissa & Kirk 10/17/16


This year I wanted to enhance my blog posts and make them more about the couple as well as the images I create. So I have asked my couples to answer some questions and write their own love story to go along with the images from the big day. Here is Melissa & Kirk’s love story, its beautiful!

Melissa & Kirk

September 17th 2016

Kirk and I are one of those very few success stories from the good old Plenty of Fish dating site. After a good couple months of online messaging I finally agreed to meeting. Life is never dull for this social butterfly and turns out the only time I had free was the early morning of November 29th, 2014. Part of me was thinking there was no way this guy would want to do a breakfast date, maybe when life settles down I could do dinner but I will throw the suggestion out there anyways. Low and behold…he said yes! We met at Sunset Grill in Alliston the warm November morning and from the moment on, neither of us have looked at Breakfast the same way. It truly is the most important meal of the day. The following weekend he took me to my very first Leafs game and from that night on, I knew he was the one I would be with forever. I had found “my person”.

Kirk and I had had the conversation about marriage early in our relationship. It was something that neither of us had ever given consideration to. “It’s just a piece of paper” were just a couple words uttered. But as more time passed, we both knew we were meant for one another and that little piece of paper meant the world to both of us.

Little did I know at the time that the chilly October 4th after you had taken our amazing family portraits, Kirk had asked my mom for my hand in marriage. With her approval he was like a kid on Christmas day. He came home from work the next day and like usual we had our “I love you more fight” The last words I heard were, “I’m pretty sure I love you more” and he was down on one knee right there in the middle of our kitchen. He couldn’t hold back, couldn’t wait. Just over 11 months later on that very rainy September 17th….we were officially Mr. & Mrs. Caldwell surrounded  by all the love two people could ask for.

The whole day is full of memories that fill our hearts, from the look on Kirk’s face when the big bay door opened and I was standing there, to the police showing up, but the one that will always make us laugh is when I told Kirk to pull into the church parking lot before we headed back to the farm after pictures. With a puzzled look on his face, possibly thinking I wanted to make out with him, I looked back at him and said…”I have to pee, I can’t wait any longer”. Thank god you weren’t there to have documentation of the “break and enter”! (seriously tho… no break and enter was committed. I had a key lol)

Hope this helps, do with it what you will and if you need anything more, let me know.
Thanks again for everything, sharing in our day and being part of our big, fun, crazy, loving family! You made everything mean even that much more to us and every day we look at the beautiful pictures we will not only remember the day but we will remember you also! The beauty behind the lens. xo